Illustration of skull and jaw with TMJ in red

Advanced TMJ Treatment

Symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder that have not responded to conservative treatment can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

Dr. Gregory E. Anderson can perform personalized TMJ disorder surgery in Garland and Logan, UT, to relieve pain and protect your health.

Why you should consider more advanced treatment methods...

Illustration of skull and jaw with TMJ in red

Benefits of  Surgical Treatment

Fully Restore Jaw Function

With a thorough understanding of the jaw joints and surrounding tissues, Dr. Anderson can perform precise surgery to treat or replace the jaw joint and restore proper function.

Long-Term Results

While conservative TMJ disorder methods typically require consistent management, surgery can directly fix the root issue, often alleviating the need for further treatment.

Emotional Well-Being

Patients who continuously struggle with TMJ disorder have been proven to experience mental health issues over time including anxiety and depression. Effective treatment can help you prevent the long-term negative impact of TMJ disorder.

How do advanced treatments address TMJ disorder?

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A Board-Certified Surgeon Advanced Treatment with Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson has over 20 years of experience and is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who offers a full scope of TMJ disorder treatment. From conservative solutions to surgical interventions, he can provide a personalized plan to address pain and other symptoms. He places a particular emphasis on the diagnostic process, conducting a thorough physical and radiographic examination as well as discussing your medical history. Dr. Anderson also applies his surgical expertise and training in reconstruction to access the joint at the proper position and achieve an optimal outcome.

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So what treatments can he provide to alleviate my symptoms?

Diverse Treatment Options

Manipulation under Anesthesia 

During MUA, Dr. Anderson can manually break down scar tissue and fibrous adhesions to alleviate pain and tension in the jaw joints.


An incision will be made alongside the ear so that the doctor can directly access the jaw joint. Dr. Anderson can then remove bone spurs and other growths that are affecting the TMJ.


A sterile saline fluid is injected into the jaw joint, then inflammatory fluids are drained using a second syringe. This can alleviate painful symptoms, help with clicking and grinding, and reduce jaw stiffness. 

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections may be administered to the jaw joints. This can improve your ability to open and close your mouth more comfortably and alleviate general discomfort associated with the condition.

Splint Therapy

In addition to surgical care, Dr. Anderson can also provide splint therapy. These oral appliances are often a sufficient solution for many patients.

But is it really worth it?

Surgical Treatment Can Reduce Pain & Improve Jaw Function

TMJ surgery infographic

*According to the National Institutes of Health

TMJ disorder surgery can repair or replace a damaged disc, targeting the root cause of many patients' concerns...

Associated Risks of Surgical Treatment


If you undergo surgery, infection of the treatment area is possible. However, antibiotics are typically prescribed during recovery so this side effect is extremely rare.


While some light bleeding is normal and can typically be managed by applying pressure with gauze, excessive bleeding could signal a complication

Nerve Damage 

Since there are facial nerves near the jaw joints, there is a small risk that they could become damaged during the procedure. Usually, any nerve damage is temporary and fully resolves after a few months.

Do not continue to suffer from daily discomfort...

Discuss Your Options

Considering surgery can be intimidating. But for some patients, it is the best way to significantly improve their quality of life. If you have been suffering from TMJ disorder and conservative treatments have not been helpful, discuss your options with Dr. Anderson. He can provide expert care and guidance.

Skilled & Compassionate

"Dr. Anderson is not only a good oral surgeon but also a good man. I am grateful for his compassionate care." Grateful Patient

Dr. Gregory E. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is an expert in face, mouth, and jaw surgery. His outstanding qualifications include:

He is dedicated to helping patients overcome facial pain, injuries, and other conditions to improve their quality of life. Learn more about the specialized treatment he can provide by contacting our office online or calling (435) 755-5000.

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