Infants who are tongue- or lip-tied may have difficulty breastfeeding, and may develop speech problems as they get older.

A simple surgical procedure known as a frenectomy can help restore lip and tongue movement.

Learn how Dr. Gregory E. Anderson can help tongue-tie and lip-tie patients at his offices in Logan and Garland, UT.

What Is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a procedure in which binding tissue is cut or altered. This tissue is known as the frenum or frenulum.

The procedure can target the labial frenum or the lingual frenum. The labial frenum is the tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum tissue above the front teeth. The lingual frenum is the tissue that attaches the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Frenectomy in Different Stages of Life Infancy, Childhood, and Adulthood 

Infant Frenectomy

A dentist may recommend your baby or toddler undergo a tongue-tie release if the frenum prevents a child from breastfeeding. A maxillary labial frenectomy may be recommended if a child's upper lip is connected to their entire upper gumline.

Childhood Frenectomy

A pediatric dentist may recommend treating a restrictive frenum if your child finds it difficult to speak. The procedure may also be recommended if the position of a child's upper lip makes regular brushing and flossing extremely difficult.

Adult Frenectomy

If you didn't have a frenectomy at an earlier age, your dentist may recommend the procedure if your struggles with tooth decay, periodontal disease, or gum recession are caused by poor oral hygiene or the frenum tugging at your gums.

Learn More About Frenectomy Contact Our Utah Oral Surgery Practice

If your child is tongue-tied or lip-tied, a frenectomy can help them speak without difficulty and experience a better quality of life. Even if you are an adult, getting a frenectomy may be helpful in preventing periodontal disease and improving your overall dental health.

During a consultation at our oral and maxillofacial surgery offices in Logan and Garland, UT, we can determine if a frenectomy is the right option for you or your child and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. We will make sure you have all the information you need to make a confident decision about treatment.

To schedule a consultation with a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, contact our dental office online. You can also reach our practice by phone to request an appointment:

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Dr. Gregory E. Anderson
Dr. Gregory E. Anderson can help infants, children, and adults who are tongue-tied or lip-tied.

Family-Friendly Care


Even quick and easy procedures like frenectomies can be scary for young patients. That's why Dr. Anderson and his team take time to make sure your child feels welcome and comfortable in our office. Our staff is warm and personable, and has experience working with children of all ages; Dr. Anderson even has eight children and eight grandchildren of his own. Whenever your child is here, they have nothing to fear.

"Dr. Anderson is phenomenal!"


Linda Bradak

Logan, UT


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I felt exceedingly well cared for by Dr. Anderson and his staff. Though this immediate post-op period isn't fun, I am confident that all will be "blue skies and green lights" again soon.

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Rylie Talbot

Logan, UT


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Dr Anderson is phenomenal! He made my little one feel very comfortable and eased this worried mama. He is very personable and extremely kind. We definitely recommend him!

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Are Frenectomies Covered by Insurance?


Many medical and dental insurance plans cover frenectomies. Policies can vary, so be sure to contact your insurance provider directly for more information. Our dental practice can provide any documentation needed and help to make processing your claim as simple as possible.

The Frenectomy Procedure Lip-Tie and Tongue-Tie Surgery

Maxillary labial frenectomies and lingual frenectomies are simple procedures
that only take 15 minutes to complete.


During your initial appointment at our Utah practice, Dr. Anderson will examine your frenum and note how it affects your upper lip or tongue. If the frenum impairs the movement of the tongue or lip, breastfeeding, dental health, or speech, a frenectomy will be recommended.


To begin the procedure, topical anesthetic is applied to the frenum and surrounding tissues. This numbs the treatment area and prevents pain around the tongue, lips, gums, and surrounding tissues.

Cutting the Frenum

The tissue that affects tongue movement or lip position will be carefully snipped. Great care is taken to ensure that just enough soft tissue is altered so the tongue can move freely and the upper lip is not pressed against the gumline.

Completing Treatment

Stitches or sutures may be required for more complicated adjustments of the lingual or labial frenum. Patients can return home once the surgery is completed.

Have questions? Contact us at our offices in Logan or Garland, UT.

Life After Treatment What Patients Can Expect

Improved Quality of Life

Thanks to this fast oral surgery procedure, your infant can get the nourishment they need and say their first words without the challenges of lip- or tongue-tie. If you're an adult who undergoes the procedure, you'll notice better overall tongue movement, easier oral hygiene, greater ease while speaking, and potentially even improved confidence.

Long-Term Dental Health

Good dentistry is built on dental solutions that have long-term benefits. A labial frenectomy or lingual frenectomy can improve oral health for years to come. That means fewer struggles with periodontal disease or gum recession, and less need for extensive dentistry treatments later in life.

Our Office Is Here to Help Treatment You Can Trust in Logan and Garland, UT

"Greg is so knowledgeable and skilled. He's an excellent surgeon. He has completed many procedures for myself and my family. Highly recommended!"
Rebecca McGarry
Dr. Gregory E. Anderson PC

Gregory E. Anderson PC

Dr. Anderson is an oral and maxillofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose qualifications include:

  • Board certification by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Graduated magna cum laude from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry
  • Diplomate of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

He is dedicated to helping patients in Logan, Garland, and surrounding areas overcome facial pain, injuries, and other conditions to improve your quality of life. Learn more about the specialized treatment he can provide by contacting our office online or calling (435) 755-5000.

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