impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain and have significant negative effects on your oral health, such as infection and misalignment.

Dr. Gregory E. Anderson is a board-certified maxillofacial surgeon who can provide safe, precise wisdom teeth removal to protect your oral health.

What can wisdom tooth removal do for me?

impacted wisdom tooth

Relief and Prevention

More Comfortable Treatment 

During wisdom tooth removal at our Garland and Logan, UT, offices, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area. Additionally, sedation can be provided to help you relax. After your procedure, you can expect relief from painful symptoms. 

Peace of Mind 

Many patients are worried about the effects their wisdom teeth may have on their smile. Once they are removed, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you no longer have to worry about related complications. 

An Effective Preventive Method

Patients with impacted wisdom teeth face a higher risk of periodontal disease and cavities, which can require extensive and often costly procedures if the issues are not addressed promptly. Removing your wisdom teeth before they become a problem is worth considering.

What happens when you neglect to remove a wisdom tooth?

Impacted wisdom teeth can damage surrounding teeth while causing others to shift out of alignment.

Is wisdom tooth removal a common procedure? 

How do you know if you need your wisdom teeth removed? 

Your Doctor Can Identify Signs of Trouble


It can be difficult to reach the wisdom teeth since they are so far back in the bite. Once the tooth becomes decayed, it can cause surrounding teeth to also become decayed.

Bad Breath 

Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected, or cause surrounding gum tissue to become infected. Once an infection develops, you may notice a consistently bad taste in your mouth or chronic bad breath

Irritated Gums 

Your gums may begin to swell, turn red, and cause discomfort if they are being irritated by wisdom teeth. This disruption can also lead to gum disease

Crooked Teeth 

Often, there is not enough room in your bite for wisdom teeth to grow in. Your teeth may begin to shift out of alignment once the wisdom teeth erupt.

Sinus Issues 

Wisdom teeth in the upper jaw may be in such close proximity to your sinuses that you experience uncomfortable symptoms such as congestion, sinus pressure, and headaches. 

Are there any patients who are not candidates for wisdom tooth removal? 

I'm not even having symptoms. Is preventive treatment actually necessary?

Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Highly Recommended

While not every patient experiences complications or makes the decision to remove their wisdom teeth, Dr. Anderson highly recommends it for most patients. Despite your lack of symptoms now, wisdom teeth may cause issues down the line. Waiting to remove wisdom teeth can leave you at risk of infection if they do become impacted, misalignment if overcrowding occurs, or gum disease due to difficulty maintaining proper hygiene. If you are hesitant, Dr. Anderson and his team can answer any questions you may have about the procedure.
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How is a wisdom tooth removed?

Wisdom tooth removal Wisdom tooth removal

How does Dr. Anderson ensure the best possible results?

We Use Advanced Technology at Our Logan & Garland Offices

When preparing for your wisdom tooth removal, Dr. Anderson uses the latest technology. Tools such as digital x-rays allow him to closely evaluate your bite and plant treatment for the least disturbance to the surrounding tissues.

Dr. Anderson can also provide intravenous (IV) sedation, among other methods, to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Paired with his expert-level precision, you can expect to experience safe and effective wisdom tooth extraction. 

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